Elite Prize Structure - RunThrough Top Flight Races

Top Flight Series Prize Structure

Top Flight by RunThrough is a 12 Race Series across the UK with Elite Prize Structure per race and for an overall series to support top flight athletics in the UK, provide a new high level competition platform and to reward excellent performances.

The winner of each series race receives 25 points, the second-place finisher 18 points, with 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 points for 3-10th.

Best of 3 scores count to overall series total and in the event of a tie; the head-to-head outcome at series finale (Ribble Valley 10k) decides each position. Followed by athlete individual records & identical record split pot.

Position  Prize Money Points Per Event
1st £1000 25
2nd £700 18
3rd £600 15
4th £500 12
5th £400 10
6th £300 8
7th £250 6
8th £200 4
9th £150 2
10th £100 1


Time-based CASH prizes for each Top Flight Event for Men and Women’s races (Gun Time Only)

Race Winner
£200 (Any time)

All performances under qualifying time

1st £250, 2nd £200, 3rd £175, 4th £150, 5th £125, 6th £100, 7th £75, 8th £50

5k Sub 14m15 (Men) 15m45 (Women)
10k Sub 30m00 (Men) 33m15 (Women)
HM Sub 66m00 (Men) 71m30 (Women)

Scott Beattie running in Quayside 5k and Newcastle 10k


Course Record Bonus*
*Performance must be better than (including new events) 
Men – Sub 14:00 (5k) 29m30 (10k) 65:00 (HM) Women – Sub 15:30 (5k) 32m45 (10k) 70:30 (HM)

UK Leading Time (At time of event)

RunThrough Record*
*Performance must be faster than 15m15 (5k) and 70m00 (HM) for new Women’s Records

5k 13m46 Scott Beattie (Quayside 5k 2023) / Nina Chydenius 15m34 (Battersea 13th April 2024)
10k 28m14 Emile Cairess (Battersea) / 31m19 Jess Judd (Ribble Valley)
HM 1h03m40 Marc Scott (Gloucester HM 2024) / 1h13m35 Steph Twell (Dorney)


We will reimburse expenses (for non-local travel) using the following criteria for athletes with the following performances within the last 2 years
Time standards based on performance relative to currently ratified World Athletics World Records for Men & Women respectively

Hotel & travel upto £120
Men: Sub 14:00 (5k) 29m30 (10k) 65:00 (HM)
Women: Sub 15:30 (5k) 32m45 (10k) 70:30 (HM)

Travel cost up to £50
Men: Sub 14:15 (5k) 30:00 (10k) 66:00 (HM)
Women: Sub 15:45 (5k) 33:15 (10k) 71:30 (HM)

Travel cost up to in multiples of £10 per runner in car
Men: Sub 15:00 (5k) 31:30min (10k) 69:00 (HM)
Women: Sub 16:30 (5k) 34:45min (10k) 74:30 (HM)

Free Top Flight Races Entry
Men: Sub 16:00 (5k) 33:30 (10k) 72:00 (HM)
Women: Sub 17:30 (5k) 36:45 (10k) 77:30 (HM)