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Sunday July 25, 2021

7/25/21 9:00 am – 7/25/21 3:00 pm

Bedford Autodrome, Thurleigh, Bedford, UK

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Designed from scratch by former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer, there is nowhere else in the world like Bedford Autodrome  MEN – SUB 16 WOMEN – SUB 18.30

Prize Money

1st place – £100

2nd Place – £70

3rd place – £30

The entire course is inside the Bedford Autodrome on the roads/paths not on grass.

5k – 1 lap



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Bedford Autodrome is located approximately 10 miles North of Bedford town centre and 20 miles East of Northampton

The nearest train station to Bedford Autodrome is Bedford (20 minutes).

Trains from London leave from either St Pancras or any Thameslink station approximately every 20 minutes. For detailed information please call the National Rail Enquiries hotline on 08457 484950 or log on to

There is a taxi rank immediately outside Bedford Station.

Start Times:
9.00am – Marathon (6 hour cut off time)
9:15am – 20 Mile
9:30am – 16 Mile
10.00am – Half Marathon
10:30am – 10k
10:45am – 5k

The entire course is inside the Bedford Autodrome on the roads/paths not on grass.

Marathon – 8 laps
20 Mile – 6 laps
16 Mile – 5 laps
Half Marathon – 4 laps
10k – 2 laps
5k – 1 lap

Each mile will be accurately marked out and we have plenty of helpers to keep you quite literally on track and encourage you on your way to that chequered flag finish.

The race involves laps around the circuit, the course is flat and quick.